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Posetta Baddog Cushion

September 13, 2010

Design: Edwyn UK’s products for the home & its inhabitants.

Look! Here’s one of EdwynUK’s cushions with the inspiration behind it – the wonderful Posetta Baddog, the London dog companion and regular contributor to LibertylondonGirl’s blog

I gravitate towards people and blogs that feature dogs – naturally. I love how the dogs are woven into bloggers lives. And then this prompts me into acton as with Belgian Waffling and her Whippet who inspired this cushion, here. And of course Posetta Baddog, her baddog title being equally applicable to Edwyn…. So it’s only fair the inspiration receives a thank you, recorded beautifully on her blog by LibertyLondonGirl. I must also mention Tania Kindersley and her adorable black labradors, who look so much like my parents old lab, Bosun, long departed sadly….. But this keyring has his look. I do so need to do an embroidered Labrador Cushion…..soon!

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