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Keeping Cool with an EdwynUK Neckerchief

July 16, 2013

20130716-132650.jpgWell, summer has truly arrived here in London with temperatures hovering around 30 degrees for more than a week now! Now we know lots of you are are fans of our hand printed neckerchiefs, but do you know that by soaking them in water they will help keep your four legged friend cool? Well that what we do and we’ve also had good reports back from our customers. The neckerchiefs are pre-washed so don’t worry they’ll wash and iron back to shape no problem.

These are some of recent customers looking dashing in their neckerchiefs, you can find them in our  EdwynUK Etsy shop.

Welsh Terrier Embroidered Cushions

May 14, 2013



These are the latest hand embroidered cushions I’ve sewn. I should have posted them before now, but when you design, make and do everything yourself, there really isn’t enough time in the day! The sitting Welsh Terrier is a new design, and I’m quite pleased with the way it’s turned out. It’s so typical of the way Edwyn sits, and a lot of other terriers too judging by the comments I’ve had!

I don’t list these on Etsy as I only make a few as when I can fit them in with all the other making I do….. More can be seen here. I shall try make a few more of the sitting terriers while the days are long and the light is good. If you want to know more email

The Jack Russell Terrier Joins the Pack

March 8, 2013


This is our new Jack Russell linocut print.

Too long on our to do list I finally got around to finishing the artwork for the face and then carving it out ready to make in to a block for printing.
I spent a long time studying the faces of friends JRT’s on Flickr and Instagram and could easily do a version two with the distinctive pricked up ears, but for now this is the one I have gone with.

So now when I get asked if I have Jack Russell’s I can say yes!

Keyrings and Dog Tidy pouches are available in the shop (click on the sign top right), and orders for any of the block printed designs can be taken by request:

Handwarmer Hot Water Bottle

February 5, 2013

Feeling the cold? Arctic winds are howling through East london, and some parts of the country are once more covered in snow so we thought it our duty to get our new handwarmer hot water bottles into the shop. ColourHotties

They are made from wonderfully cosy fleece and have a front pocket, very useful for warming up cold keyboard hands I find! Or for that added bit of warmth cosied up on the sofa, if like us you don’t have the luxury of an open fire. GreyHottiesSome also like to use hot water bottles for puppies and elderly dogs, especially those in draughty corners, wrapped in a blanket these would be ideal for non-chewers! But I suspect you will want to keep it for yourself. I’ll certainly be taking mine to Spitalfields with me on Friday, along with a selection for sale on my stall. Now I wonder where I can beg some hot water from……..

Hand Warmer Hotties available in my EdwynUK Etsy shop.

Edwyn’s Birthday Biscuits

January 30, 2013


Yesterday was Edwyn’s birthday so I thought I’d treat the boy to some homemade biscuits.  I’d wanted to try out some of the recipes from the brilliant Lily’s kitchen book Dinner for Dogs but hadn’t got all the healthy ingredients ie black strap mollasses and spelt flour – I shall soon and will report back…. However I am a terrible recipe fiddler I can never quite stick to them, in this instance I looked at what I had in the cupboard and googled peanut butter and carrot and then fiddled with this recipe. I’ve written down the my adaptation as follows:


Don’t feel you have to stick to the recipe. You could use sweet potato instead of carrot and perhaps then you wouldn’t need apple. Some of you may have already sampled these at my Spitalfields stall as I’d made some to give visitors before Christmas, so if your dog enjoyed them have a go, they will love you for it!

Birthday Biscuits

Happy Birthday Edwyn Bear!

January 29, 2013


Seven years ago today…… where does the time go?

It seems such a long time ago since Edwyn was a puppy but to remind me and celebrate his 7th birthday here are a few of my favourite pictures…… Such a cheeky chappie!


Snow & Something to Keep You Warm…….

January 25, 2013

EdwynSnow2013If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook you will have seen a never ending stream on Edwyn in the snow photo’s! It’s now almost all gone now, except on the large expanse of the marshes and playing fields. I don’t know about you but I’ve loved seeing photo’s of all the dogs out enjoying the snow and certainly enjoyed our trek with a welcome stop off at the Princess of Wales dog friendly pub(bottom right photo). There was a queue at the door waiting to get in a 12 noon!!

We’ve had a bit of break from Spitalfields but will be back next week friday 1st February. In the meantime we’ve been testing some hand warming hot water bottle covers for you – something that has been on our do do list for a vey long time – but the cold snap served as a great motivator to finally get from paper to product! I will have those on the stall next Friday, and hope to have them listed soon in our EdwynUK Etsy shop.


So if you like us have had lots of lovely snow and have pictures of your dog enjoying themselves in it then do share them on our EdwynUK Facebook page. We’ve been terrible at promoting our neckerchief competition so all photo’s will be entered for that (we need more entires please!)


Merry Christmas from EdwynUK

December 24, 2012


I just wanted to wish everyone, particularly our fabulous EdwynUK customers, a very Merry Christmas!

I am so behind with my own Christmas preparations I have had to enlist the help of Cartolina Cards to send you our Christmas message. If like me you have missed sending Christmas cards then download her fantastic app and you’ll be able to send some very beautiful Christmas and holiday greetings and perhaps feel a little less guilty!

For those of you who have got some time off over Christmas – enjoy! We’ll be heading to the Lincolnshire Wolds to enjoy a Christmas with family, if you use Instagram then follow us for some festive posts! And those of you working….well I hope your work is sprinkled with festive spirit!

EdwynUK Christmas Shopping Dates

December 17, 2012

It’s just about one week left until Christmas, if you want to put in a last minute order on our online Etsy shop you have until 12noon Tuesday 18th December if you want your items to arrive in time – note this is for UK customers only!

Alternatively you can come along to Spitalfields Traders Market. We’ll be there Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week. And on Saturday we’ll be at Old Spitalfields Market with We Make London for our last and final day of trading before Christmas.

And if you’re still after EdwynUK presents after that then you’ll have to pop along to one of our London stockists: Paws & Purrs in Stoke Newington, Woofs to Kittys in Battersea or Hair of the Dog in Highgate.

So, good luck with your Christmas preparations everybody! Oh and if you do come along to Spitalfields, we can recommend taking a break for some mulled wine from Bedales…..

Stour Space Christmas Market

December 16, 2012



Yesterday we attended the Stour Space Christmas Market, now in its fourth year this was the first time we’d done it, and I’m so glad we did! Followers will know how much we rave about this place especially as it has the wonderful Counter Cafe is dog friendly and is right by the canal, so it’s a perfect stop off for a lovely canal side walk.


Our stall was directly opposite the Counter Cafe’s counter. This photo shows the one time in the day I could actually see the chalk board menu as there were fast moving queues all day for the delicious food and excellent coffee.

This was our favourite Christmas Market by far this year, it had a lovely cosy Christmassy vibe, the people were really friendly and the music and good cheer really made it a pleasure! Plus I had the supremely talented Bumble and Earwig sat right next door with her amazing felted creations….the dogs naturally were my favourite!


Bumble&Earwig1  Bumble & Earwig

I certainly hope to return next year and really recommend visiting with your pooch over the Christmas holidays!



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