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We are very happy to do special orders for customers.

For things such as draught excluders, we can make them to fit a specific size door, and even make small weighted ones to sit on a window sill and keep out those draughts too!

We don’t have all the possible fabric and lino cut print options listed in our shop, as there would be just too many to keep in stock, but if you see a fabric you like and would like it printed with your favourite dog face, then just let us know. It will take a little longer, but will be worth it!

For  custom orders either email us at or call Louise on 07958 941685 and describe what it is and we’ll get back to you with our thoughts and an estimated cost.

We accept credit card and Paypal payments, or you do prefer, we can accept cheques, but this naturally will take longer.

And if you are based in London, then you can always come by Spitalfields and sort out arrangements in person. We are always happy to meet customers, especially if they bring a four legged companion along with them!

We have an online EdwynUK Etsy Shop, just click to have a look for ideas.

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