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Edwyn’s Birthday Biscuits

January 30, 2013


Yesterday was Edwyn’s birthday so I thought I’d treat the boy to some homemade biscuits.  I’d wanted to try out some of the recipes from the brilliant Lily’s kitchen book Dinner for Dogs but hadn’t got all the healthy ingredients ie black strap mollasses and spelt flour – I shall soon and will report back…. However I am a terrible recipe fiddler I can never quite stick to them, in this instance I looked at what I had in the cupboard and googled peanut butter and carrot and then fiddled with this recipe. I’ve written down the my adaptation as follows:


Don’t feel you have to stick to the recipe. You could use sweet potato instead of carrot and perhaps then you wouldn’t need apple. Some of you may have already sampled these at my Spitalfields stall as I’d made some to give visitors before Christmas, so if your dog enjoyed them have a go, they will love you for it!

Birthday Biscuits

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