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Edwyn UK at Paws and Purrs N16

November 17, 2012



This week we made a delivery to the lovely Paws & Purrs in Stoke Newington, a lovely independent pet shop which is just our cup of tea. As well as stocking essentials like food (including Lily’s Kitchen special Christmas dinner for dogs… pssst get it before it goes!) collars and leads, coats and jumpers, they also have a great range of dog and cat related goodies. Artwork, cards, lamps, t-shirts for little ones.

And now they have added to their EdwynUK range with a selection of doorstops, draught excluders and cushions sitting along side neckerchiefs and dog tidy pouches in some lovely new fabrics. So if you’re in the area, be sure to go check them out.

Paws & Purrs  just off Stoke Newington Church Street, 34b Kersley Rd, N16 0NH
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