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Walking with Welshies

January 29, 2012

Yesterday we went on a delightful walk with 15 Welsh Terriers, 1 Jack Russell Terrier and 1 Patterdale Terrier! The walk started near the View Tube and Pudding Mill Lane DLR station with a short walk to Victoria Park via the Greenway Walk, it was a gorgeous bright, crisp, chilly day – perfect dog walking weather!That’s me on the left with the grey hat and leg warmers on, holding Edwyn……It’s lovely to see so many Welsh Terriers together, and the walks, organised through Weltaf, (Welsh Terriers and Friends) are a perfect opportunity to do so. Like other similar breed specific dog groups, they are about informal meet ups where people can meet with their dogs and chat about all things dog related, plus they are an excellent opportunity for those thinking of getting a welsh Terrier to meet them in the flesh. As the name suggest, friends are welcome to join the walks, as did this lovely Patterdale from Forest Gate (can’t remember his name, so many new ones to remember) So thanks to Stuart and Mott for organising this one…….keep a look out on the Weltaf site for upcoming walks here 

ps the Fox Terrier Rescue people also organise some lovely walks about twice a year in Brighton along the underpass walk. Jackie of Forever Foxed is one of the organisers, she used to have the lovely Jackson Wire Foxed Terrier, and now has the adorable rescue Welsh Terrier Noodles. We like to join each others walks when we can, and it’s always a nice day out in Brighton! So keep an eye out here or our Facebook page for info on more walks……

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  1. February 2, 2012 1:32 pm

    Bet that waz a noisy day! Geoff and Barney

    • February 2, 2012 4:11 pm

      Wasn’t too bad really, I think Edwyn was about the noisiest though!!

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