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EdwynUK Dog Walk Bags

June 28, 2011


These are our newly listed Dog Walk Bags, incorporating our signature hand carved linocut prints. We’ve been working away for some time on a bag that will be the perfect dog walking partner, and think this is a very good solution. I’ve been trialing my own terrier print version these past few weeks and I have to say it fits in the semi-giant umbrella, extra scarf, dog treats, phone, purse, keys, water, dog toy, poo bags ………. you get the picture! Plus it makes a great easy access money bag when I’m at the market. Edwyn had to get in on the act while I was photographing them, probably wondering why it wasn’t HIS face on the Westie version!

They can be printed with any of the dog lino cuts – if you don’t see your favourite dog, I can do special requests, they just take a little longer! Just email with your request….

Available in our Etsy shop here.

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