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Lincolnshire Sojourn

March 27, 2011

We have just returned from a brief sojourn to visit my dear Mum who had just spent a week in hospital after a mild heart attack. I hadn’t been able able to concentrate on very much until I’d actually visited and seen with my own two eyes that she is in fact doing very well, much to the relief of all.

So, the combination of fresh Lincolnshire air, sunshine, a trip to the coast, spending time with family, along with a bit of dog spotting (Chudley the Border Terrier resident at Louth’s lovely sewing shop here) Antique rummaging (The Maltings Louth, where the fab Coronation Flag was found for a mere £6!) means we’re much refreshed and raring to go and wishing Louth was just that little bit closer to London…..

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