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DANGER! Corn on the Cob

February 5, 2011

This week has been rather an ordeal, particularly for Edwyn, who has had to endure excruciating pain and suffering. The cause of which, after days of monitoring and trips to the vet, and finally surgery, was found to be a 1 inch piece of corn on the cob!

Who knew it could pose such a danger to our dogs? I certainly didn’t, not that I feed chunks of corn on the cob to my dog. No, he is a terrier, and as such has what we call the shark manoeuvre down to a fine art. This involves ambling along nonchalantly, keeping an eye out for anything looking vaguely edible, then as he draws parallel, sharply and as fast as lightening snaps up the target and back to position walking on as if nothing has happened.

I am presently sporting a black nail from trying to wrestle a chicken bone out of his jaws. I’ve lost count of how many of those he has managed to snaffle – thankfully with no ill effects, though we all know well enough the dangers of discarded bones. However, looking more into the whole corn 0n the cob issue, it seems this is a particularly nasty culprit and very often results in surgery for dogs, most likely because of the bristly outer casing and the indestructible nature of the cob, which simply does not break down and therefore forms a plug in the poor dogs intestines.

So beware corn on the cob, and do pass on this bit of info, we would hate to think of any more dogs going through what poor, greedy, silly Edwyn had to go through – though we are pretty cross at those folk who find it necessary to decorate our streets with the remains of their dinner… Oh and please do take out pet insurance; we’re certainly glad we did!

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