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Edwyn UK’s Christmas Tree

December 6, 2010

Christmas Tree Decorations, originally uploaded by Edwyn UK.

We had a busy weekend of Christmas Fairs and thank you to all the lovely customers that made it out to both WeMakeLondon at Chelsea Town Hall, and the Christmas Craft Emporium at the William Morris Gallery.
I was amazed at how many Welsh Terrier fans found their way to Edwyn UK on Saturday in Chelsea, it was a record 7 or maybe 8 of you!
Animal lovers are the best, I’m only sorry I couldn’t oblige the lady who was looking for donkeys and geese…..

Next up is Of Cabbages and Kings Christmas Markets Days on Upper Street Islington, and of course I will be at my regular spot at Spitalfields on Friday, praying it will be warmer than last week! (Thank you NorthFace for keeping me warm) Now I shall be off trying to find somewhere that has some handwarmers left in stock!!

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