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Best In Breed

March 9, 2009

Sealyham Terriers

The lovely Sealyham Terriers won Best In Breed this year at Crufts.

Here are two of my three – ok so they’re not ‘real’ dogs but considering only 23 puppies were born last year I’d be very unlikely to be able to get my hands on one anyway.

These charity shop finds are probably 30’s or 40’s, and have the old haircut I prefer. I love Crufts, simply because rarely do you get to indulge in being able to see so many different breeds of dog all in one go, but I do find some of the show cuts a bit far fetched from how they are everyday. But find any old postcards, cigarette cards or these old pot dogs and you will see what they used to look like.

Despite the BBC pulling out of Crufts I thoroughly enjoyed the live streaming which meant you saw more of the dogs than the presenters, which can only be a good thing!

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