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Shed Love

January 20, 2009


I love sheds.

Infact anything that vaguely resembles a shed, including caravan’s, which in my opinion are a version of a shed, only on wheels, and enable what most shed lovers would like to do, and that is live in their sheds.

Infact the type of houses I am drawn too, most resemble a shed, preferably of timber or tin construction, and would ideally have a veranda.


As would my shed on the allotment, if only I got around to building it, like some of the more industrious souls on my site. Shed envy, now there’s a thing. To idulge in this heart rending activity look no further than the flickr group Just Sheds

To inspire thoughts of summer days sitting drinking tea in the shade of the shed,  I’ve embroidered a shed cushion, roll on the first sign of snowdrops, crocuses, then daffodils and not far behind the early blossom on the plum tree………. ahhhhhhh I can’t wait


ps thanks to the shed folks at the shedblog for featuring the cushion here:

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  1. March 12, 2009 8:55 pm

    i also love sheds if u like i can send you step by step of the shed i built from pallet boards including electrics i did and insulating the shed.

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